1st International Exhibition of Photography PHOTO CALL 2019

PCC Kozjak Badge for the best Author

A. NATURE (color/monochrome digital) PSA ND

B. PHOTO TRAVEL (color/monochrome digital) PSA PTD

C. WOMAN (color/monochrome digital) PSA PID Color

D. PEOPLE (color/monochrome digital) PSA PID Color

E. OPEN COLOR (color digital) PSA PID Color

F. OPEN MONOCHROME (monochrome digital) PSA PID Monochrome

Closing date 08.08.2019
Judging:08.08.2019 - 10.08.2019.
Report cards: 18.08.2019.

PSA 2019-300
FSM 2019/09
NT 2019/01